Review - Between Darkness and Wonder

Artist: Lamb


Mixing trip-hop with jungle and jazz, Manchester drum & bass duo Lamb has emerged as one of the more musically affluent groups in electronica. And "Between Darkness and Wonder," their fourth studio effort, continues down the line of finely orchestrated works. The aptly titled "Angelica" imparts a heavenly dose of trickling pianos atop tribal mystery, the lone ivory moments sprinkling euphoria while Andrew Barlow's electronic passages elevate it to another level. The sensuality of "Wonder" radiates a pheromone-induced attraction through leisurely tempos and lush synths that fill the song like Nag Champa incense smoke permeating a love pad, with Louise Rhodes' breathy whispers adding to the hormonal delight. Songs such as "Learn" stick to tug-at-your-heartstrings arrangements and organic instrumentation, while "Open Up" thrives on ghostly melodies and pulsating beats.