Review - Tripping Tropicana

Artist: Superlitio

Tripping Tropicana
Label: Cielo/BMG
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Tripping Tropicana

On the third album (and U.S. debut) from this Colombian sextet, Superlitio seems to have perfected an unforced combination of Latin funk and modern production. The result is best summed up on "Que Vo' Hacer," a relaxed party track that tumbles together elements of hip-hop, dance culture, reggae and melody-drenched rock. Most of the other cuts apply the same nonformulaic formula, with the primarily Spanish lyrics occasionally pushed aside for both French and English ones and song structures that have little allegiance to pop tradition. Although the album occasionally gets a little too polished, Superlitio's approach is refreshing and unique.