Review - Riff After Riff

Artist: The Wildhearts

Riff After Riff
Label: Gearhead
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Riff After Riff

Sadly, it wasn't the always-awesome Turbonegro that razed the landscape in preparation for a U.S. invasion of The Wildhearts' brand of balls-out retard-rock. No, it took the comical explosiveness of The Darkness to give the 'Hearts hope, as they've both championed The Wildhearts in the press and on the road and, in less concrete terms, made American radio safe for big-boned, melodic rock & roll again. The time is perfect for this English rock juggernaut to claim its spot in the American consciousness; Riff After Riff, their first U.S. release in 10 years, is just the thing that should do it. Compiling 13 of the group's best songs -- all meaty riffs (duh), soaring choruses, obnoxiously infectious hooks and dumbass lyrics -- the disc provides the same sort of visceral, retrograde thrill as The Darkness ... but without that nagging sense of being sold a bill of goods.