Review - Young Blue Eyes: Birth of the Crooner

Artist: Frank Sinatra


Early recordings by Frank Sinatra are typically -- and deservedly -- dismissed as little more than documentary evidence of The Voice's formative years. His stint with Tommy Dorsey was straight-up dues-paying, and his Columbia years were pockmarked with silly material designed to appeal to the shrieking girls who made him a teen idol. Although it would be nice to say that Young Blue Eyes does something to contradict that conventional wisdom, it doesn't. The same material from the Dorsey band's early '40s radio broadcasts that RCA has been rehashing forever gets another (remastered) airing here. But no amount of sonic loveliness can make up for Sinatra's less-than-developed voice and the Dorsey band's saccharine numbers like "Snooty Little Cutie" and "I'm Getting Sentimental Over You."