Movie: Two Brothers

Our Rating: 4.00

Director Jean-Jacques Annaud (The Bear) has learned a lesson most makers of family flicks never do: His latest animal drama is actually about the animals. Tiger sibs Sangha and Kumal receive the lion's share (sorry) of the screen time in this heart-tugging fable, which sees them separated as cubs and made to endure a variety of human abuses en route to an overdue reunion. The big cats have wonderfully expressive faces, allowing Annaud to wring every last drop of pathos from his scenes of familial separation and big-top exploitation. The script is slanted to make just about every nonhuman creature seem inutterably noble – even a goldfish has his day at his doltish owner's expense – but that's what you come to a movie like this to see, and Two Brothers feeds your hunger for PETA-friendly entertainment without sending you into a diabetic coma. Oh, and Guy Pearce shows up as a hunter whose exposure to the magnificent beasts inspires him to change his ways. He's pretty good, too.