Review - Sorry I Make You Lush

Artist: Wagon Christ


Welcome back to the musical gumbo of Wagon Christ's Luke Vibert, where elements of jungle, trance and trip-hop coexist in a rainbow gathering of burbling synth, chugging breakbeats and offbeat samples. Like his Cornwall, England peer, Aphex Twin, Vibert's music is characterized by his wide-ranging mélange of styles and a pervasive sense of humor that expresses itself in his samples. Case in point is "The Funnies," which features C3PO introducing a cut whose percussive pulse is comprised of sub-bass bleeps, a guffaw, a shrill whistle, what sounds almost like a burp, and an intermittent funk guitar line. At his best, Vibert's albums have a lysergic fun-house feel, though his latest loses energy to his more sonorous, trip-hop-inspired moments, which lack the lunacy that rules the other half of the album.