Review - Bamnan and Slivercork

Artist: Midlake


Although they hail from the ultrahip Dallas appendage known as Denton, the sound Midlake concocts is more psychedelic English meadow than U.S. college town. Richly steeped in off-kilter pop and the psychedelic dressings that make it interesting, Midlake could be a sort of rusty, organic cousin to Radiohead. Midlake's odd beauty comes not from overarching artistic sentiment, but from a creaky kind of pastoralism. Though Bamnan does occasionally get a little too precious for its own good, none of the songs manage to be distractingly self-indulgent. Tracks like the pulsing, Weill-esque "The Jungler" and the Neutral Milk Hotel homage of "Balloon Maker" manage to be evocative without being ridiculously so.