Review - Humanure

Artist: Cattle Decapitation


If there's a line of acceptable taste to be crossed in aggro-left-wing-grindcore, the fine San Diegans in Cattle Decapitation are more than willing to oblige in crossing it. From the beautifully hilarious cover art – a cow shitting out bloody human remains ... get it? – to evocative track titles like "Chummified," "Lips & Assholes" and (my favorite) "Bukkake Tsunami," Cattle Decapitation again provide a potent antidote to the prevalent knucklehead mindset that defines most metal. That's not to say that they're charting some new course of intelligence (you did notice the song called "Lips & Assholes," right?), but their antimeat tirades are gorily fresh. Relentlessly aggressive music and quite unintelligible vocals out-Faxed Head Faxed Head, but by lining up legendary producer Bill Metoyer to man the boards, Cattle Decapitation have come up with their best (or would it be worst?) album yet.