Review - Run to be Born

Artist: Walking Concert


If it's Tuesday, that means Walter Schreifels must have a new band. Having run through hardcore (Youth of Today), poppy hardcore (Gorilla Biscuits), post-hardcore metal (Quicksand) and post-metal pop (Rival Schools), he's now made his way to post-pop punchiness with Walking Concert. Run To Be Born is the kind of record that you know Schreifels has wanted to make for years – all glistening sugar chords, bright-eyed swagger and just-dark-enough lyricism – but couldn't because that's just not what heavy dudes do. Apparently emboldened by the warm reception Rival Schools received from Quicksand devotees, Schreifels upped the pop wattage for his new band and, just in case you don't get the point, he sticks in a cover of T. Rex's "Mustang Ford" to make it abundantly clear. If there's such a thing as "wallflower glam," Schreifels has it nailed on this disc.