Movie: The Forgotten

The Forgotten
Length: 1 hour, 31 minutes
Studio: Revolution Studios
Release Date: 2004-09-24
Cast: Julianne Moore, Dominic West, Gary Sinise, Alfre Woodard, Anthony Edwards
Director: Joseph Ruben
Screenwriter: Gerald Di Pego
Music Score: James Horner
WorkNameSort: The Forgotten
Our Rating: 1.50

What would you think if someone tore the covering off your walls to reveal the bedroom decorations of a child you no longer remember? That the crew from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition had developed a vicious streak, most likely. That's not the situation facing the grieving Telly Paretta (Julianne Moore) as she struggles to convince a boozy ex-hockey player (Dominic West) that they were both parents of children the world has elected to forget. But it's no less plausible an explanation than anything else this increasingly fatuous picture throws at us as it stumbles around in search of narrative and/or stylistic coherence. At first, the movie is a delicate domestic psychodrama, then it's a sanity-questioning thriller of the Rosemary's Baby school – and then it all goes kablooey with grand-scale conspiracy mongering, resulting in a handful of over-the-top incidents that make up in audacity what they lack in filmic common sense. It's almost worth it to keep watching, just to see what ill-advised but unpredictable lunacy we might be in for next.