Review - Couture, Couture, Couture

Artist: Frausdots


The title sounds like something "Queer Eye" fashionista Carson Kressley would exclaim while bursting into Saks Fifth Avenue, but beyond "Dead Wrong" (awash in New Order fishnets, yet freely cribbing from America's "Horse With No Name") and possibly "Fashion Death Trends," nothing here is peppy enough to make the next soundtrack. Rather, Frausdots singer/guitarist Brent Rademaker (Further, Beachwood Sparks) appraises himself and the world around him with cold, gloomy eyes, borrowing from wherever he sees fit to keep his aural garden lush. On "A Go-See," he lifts the almost-Neu! pulse of Stereolab for its verses and the nonchalant shrug of Sonic Youth's "Total Trash" for the chorus; elsewhere on the record, he's shoegazing when not mooning over the covers of his Beatles and New Romantic records. Frausdots, to their credit, hide the seams well; if they were equally adept at the art of songwriting, their efforts wouldn't feel like disguised gypsy raids.