Review - #1 Tonite!

Artist: Bad Wizard


"From New York to Chicago/and down to Baton Rouge/from L.A. to Atlanta/We'll make your bodies move/We're number one tonight!" proclaims Bad Wizard on this album's title track. Coming from a shaggy-haired rocker like Bad Wizard frontman Curtis Brown 25 or 30 years ago, this may have been undeniably true. However, the flashy, arena-ready, cock-rock guitar leads and fashionably hoarse vocals this Athens quintet specialize in are no longer a national standard for chart success (and are certainly much more an ironic endeavor, rather than the sole province of long-haired males aged 15 to 25.) Thankfully, as derivative as this record is, it can't be said that #1 Tonite isn't mindlessly enjoyable; in fact, it's so much so that it easily provokes uncontrolled in-the-car shout-alongs and flashbacks to one's last viewing of The Stoned Age.