Movie: The Carlyle Connection

Our Rating: 3.00

Odds are, you first heard of the massively influential investment bank known as the Carlyle Group when you saw Fahrenheit 9/11. This 49-minute Dutch TV special methodically traces the group's rise to international prominence. But it also shows how skillful Michael Moore was in conveying in a few short minutes the bizarre outrage of having national-security decisions dictated by a private financial firm whose members include George Herbert Walker Bush and the bin Laden family. This doc is more of a filmed white paper than an entertainment product. Its main visual motif is to superimpose the chattering heads of various experts over outdoor footage of Washington, D.C., and indoor shots of the occasional Carlyle gathering. The Dutch crew, however, scores one coup Moore didn't: interview time with Carlyle founder Steve Norris, who's disturbingly rational as he trumpets his firm's advances in global opportunism.