Review - Revolver

Artist: The Haunted

Label: Century Media
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Revolver

When the self-titled debut from The Haunted was released in 1998, it was widely praised, and rightfully so. The Swedish group had crafted a sound that echoed the pummeling heaviness of their previous band (At the Gates), while ratcheting up the brutality factor. Tightly wound, with a razor-sharp attack, the first two discs from The Haunted seemed to portend a successful and productive career, and, at the time, they were at the forefront of the now-prevailing trend of metalcore. However, lineup changes, label hassles and a skewed sense of purpose marred the band's 2003 effort, One Kill Wonder, causing many metalheads to write off the band. But with original vocalist Peter Dolving back in the fold and the support of a new label, The Haunted are undeniably reinvigorated on Revolver. Bristling with anti-establishment rage that's undergirded by the band's relentless sense of thudding confrontation, Revolver puts The Haunted back on its own extreme track.