Review - Collected Works 95-96

Artist: Masaki Batoh


As leader of Japan's premier acid-folk septet Ghost, guitarist Masaki Batoh can be found strumming at the ruins of ancient rural temples and abandoned Tokyo subway stations. In search of the lost chord, Ghost pursues the ultimate Pink Floyd-Can-Amon Duul freakout. Solo, Batoh is more introspective. Collected Works draws on his albums A Ghost From the Darkened Sea and Kikaokubeshi, on which the guitarist performs eerie, lone-wolf pieces on guitar, voodoo drum, hurdy-gurdy, harmonium, marimba, Moog and traditional Japanese instruments. Found-sound recordings of nature permeate the music, resembling a communal hymn ... that is if yours is the First Church of the Ever-Expanding Cosmos. Covers of Can and Cream help ground sci-fi experiments like "Benthos" and "Kikaokubeshi."