Review - Retreated

Artist: Trüby Trio


German dance producers-turned-artistes Trüby Trio favor world music ingredients and endless remixes, both in their own work and that of the DJs and dance doyennes they digitally re-manipulate. Influential and energetic, Trüby Trio's debut album, Elevator Music, was practically a call to arms for the nu-jazz boom that has recently gripped the dance community. Along with London's Gilles Peterson, Trüby Trio helped spread flamenco-samba-funk-African flavors like a contagion. So it's no surprise that Retreated is a remix album of the successful Elevator Music with a bonus mix disc by Rainier Trüby (which is more funk- and house-oriented), but what is surprising is the strength of those original tracks. Remixes by Little Louie Vega, Whignomy Bros, Senor Coconut, Fabrice Lig, Una Bombers and others barely cast a shadow over Trüby Trio's original effervescent sounds, this sunny, arms-spread-to-the-sky music beaming and bouncing like the first day of spring. Grab your electronic dancing shoes and prepare to globe-trot.