Review - Trying to Remember

Artist: Deru

Trying to Remember
Label: Merck
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Trying to Remember

If the abstract, processed warmth on Trying To Remember had a color, it'd surely be gray – the soft, cerebral gray of brain tissue at work, saving, transferring and re-examining thoughts, suffering glitches, losing focus. Deru (aka L.A.'s Ben Wynn) at first listen seems to embody a dozen 1990s electronic artists; several spins later, planting influence flags is nearly impossible. Incubating, cavernous tones ponder and dissipate over the buzz & sizzle of digital static on "I Don't Know You." "Words You Said" is busier, less cozy, its decaying note-swells full of crackle-clatter, riddled with tricky neat bursts. "Only the Circle" transmits tranquility from within a clear glass bubble, massaged into a coma by Oval-ish, distorted micro-tides and bongo-raindrop synths.