Review - Who Will Walk in the Darkness With You?

Artist: The Black Swans


You know that feeling you get when you listen to a Giant Sand record? Or a Tom Waits record, or a Tim Buckley record, for that matter? That knot in your gut that comes from hearing a singer whose voice simply does not fit a standard definition of how a singer should sing? That sensation is at play all throughout the debut from this Columbus group. Who Will Walk is filled with sparse, low-impact melancholy, with piano lines drifting in and out, snare drums lightly tapped, fiddles mourning in the background ... it's all about a sort of exhausted loneliness. And then there's Jerry DeCicca's voice, a world-weary baritone dripping with unfulfilled drama, tearily wending its way through the album's 10 tracks. The end effect is darkly obscured, lower-case-g-gothic blues that would be unimaginable without such a unique voice. Not a disc to lift the spirits, this is the sound you hear before you take that last pill. Enjoy.