Movie: Seducing Dr. Lewis

Our Rating: 2.50

This French-Canadian comedy is in the tradition of The Full Monty and Waking Ned Devine: films about average folk who get into some kind of fix because they need money. This time, the comical commoners are the inhabitants of a tiny former fishing village in Quebec where everyone seems to be on welfare. Their one hope of salvation: A company that manufactures plastic containers is considering building a factory on village property. But before it can go up, the town must have a regular full-time doctor. Through a set of complicated machinations, the town ends up with the services of young Dr. Lewis for exactly one month – while the villagers hatch an elaborate scheme to "seduce" him into staying permanently. It's not a bad premise, and there's a chuckle here and there. But the movie is too faithful to the well-worn formula of mixing homegrown eccentricity with a slathering of sentiment, and it never really takes off.