Review - Greatest Hits

Artist: Brenda Fassie

Greatest Hits
Label: Narada
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Greatest Hits

If you've heard of Brenda Fassie at all, you probably know the stories regarding the South African singer's legendary bouts of drug use, her super-sized sexual appetite and her willingness to say whatever the hell came to her mind; and you certainly know that she was one of the biggest pop stars in South Africa. What you might not know is that in May of this year, the 40-year-old Fassie's life of sex, drugs and Afropop finally caught up with her, and she died from asthma complications. Her life was a cautionary tale, but her body of work was persistently inspiring. This collection of 20 hits recorded over 25 years is testament to that. Possessed of a disarmingly fierce and flexible voice, Fassie was at ease with sublime, bouncy pop and sexy, smooth funk, and absolutely unafraid to give her many fans what they wanted and what they didn't yet know they wanted. This is an excellent look at an artist who, sadly, didn't receive the global fortunes she deserved.