Review - Box the Bunny

Artist: The Bunnybrains


Without getting into the Bunnybrains/Bunnybrains 88 soap opera (similar to the ELO/ELO II drama, but stupider), suffice it to say that this Connecticut collective was/is/will be responsible for some of the most retard-o-riffic noise-sprawl in recent memory. Willfully inscrutable, BB have refused to imply that their music was ever anything but ridiculous. Shifting lineups of thoroughly untrained musicians, vinyl-only releases, insane stage outfits and buckets of raucous sound have kept the band thoroughly obscure (as if they had a choice). This five-disc set puts five of the band's albums (including the "pink bag" album originally released on Matador) and a raft of unreleased music on CD for the first time; plus they tack on a DVD that documents their visual shenanigans. It's probably more insanity than any one person needs, but when it comes to the 'Brains, too much is always enough.