Review - Happiness in Magazines

Artist: Graham Coxon

Happiness in Magazines
Label: Transcopic/Astralwerks
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Happiness in Magazines

One of rock's most brilliant guitarists and lunatic characters, Blur's Graham Coxon is renowned for insulting journalists and crafting exquisite pop songs. Barmy and beautiful, Happiness in Magazines races from scorching guitar displays to Sex Pistols-like room-wreckers to romantic style tributes aimed at Coxon's Blur-mates. Some will hear this constant shifting of focus as a frustrated mind run amok, but Happiness' musical breadth and vocal insanity will refresh those who equate rock with frenzied energy. And with real rock a rare commodity these days, Happiness is nothing less than a (noisy) triumph. "People of the Earth" is a brilliant example of Coxon's madness: Hilarious lyrics and blitzkrieg punk guitars batter the brain until an antiquated Kinks music-hall interlude changes the mood from manic to merry. It's as if Coxon's grandmum suddenly forced him to clean up his act. Truly nuts and truly wonderful.