Movie: Hitch

Our Rating: 3.00

Finally, a romantic comedy made for men (or their ilk) – one that won't earn any awards but will make millions this Valentine season. In the title role, Will Smith embodies the polarities always at odds in the love game. On the one hand, we have the suited-up, ultraconfident, urbane dating expert Alexander Hitchins, with his silver tongue and playbook of all the right moves; on the other hand, there's his bumbling, gibbering alter ego, which comes out when real chemistry explodes and he falls goofily in love (with a foxy Eva Mendes). At the time, Hitch is remaking a lovelorn client, a fat and jiggly trainwreck of an accountant who's madly in love with a gorgeous celebrity. The streamlined plot is nothing new, but the physical comedy and trademark Smith glibness work their charm.