Review - LCD Soundsystem

Artist: LCD Soundsystem


Essentially a vehicle for the musical concepts of New Jersey's James Murphy, LCD Soundsystem delivers edgy, groove-packed dance music that's light on the keyboards and heavy on the bass. Blending elements of glam rock with punk attitudes, funk riffs and near-industrial seasonings, the tunes on this double-disc set, their full-length debut, cross the Eno-produced Talking Heads motif with the "we're in the basement" feel of early New Order. The tongue-in-cheek hero worship of "Daft Punk Is Playing at My House" is fueled by an irresistibly gooey groove, and the hushed tones of "Too Much Love" are ripe with mystery, while the latest single, "Movement," froths at the mouth with anarchic punk abandon. The sheepish Pink Floyd-meets-the Beatles melody of "Never as Tired as When I'm Waking Up" offers a welcome shot of lethargy in the midst of all the ass-shaking, as does "Great Release," a thinly veiled tribute to Eno's ambient phase.