Review - Good Fortune

Artist: Airborn Audio


The lo-fi, 4/4, check-one intro that kicks off Good Fortune is not a good omen. After all, this is two-thirds of the now-defunct Antipop Consortium (M. Sayyid and High Priest … the two who aren't Beans). That omen is quickly debunked by, oh, everything that comes after the first minute of the disc. Maintaining the brashly severe rhyme-style that kept APC's beat improvisations from sounding too "artsy," Airborn Audio also open up a whole new inventory of inventiveness when it comes to their tracks. Full of high-fidelity punch and off-kilter oddities, these 15 tracks are often confusing – you never know whether to pay attention to the lyrics (which veer from Bushwick Bill name-dropping to nonsense metaphysics) or the production – but never predictable.