Review - 13 & God

Artist: 13 & God

13 & God
Label: Anticon
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: 13 & God

An unlikely blend of the electronic/organic lab experiments of The Notwist and the wordy abstractions of indie hip-hop's Themselves is what's on the ingredients label for 13 & God's debut full-length. This album obviously offers lots in the way of "crossover," but this is certainly no attempt at straddling market demographics; its warm melodies and occasional creepiness are quite far from the obnoxious underachievements of, say, Linkin Park. "Superman on Ice" is a prime slab of this unique combination, as Germany's laptop advocates confront the unconventional flow of Themselves' MCs over a bleak string arrangement and software-generated clicks and beats. This matchup isn't as pleasing as Jell-O, as not everyone is going to make room for it, but it does have a similarly strange consistency. Universal appreciation is probably out of reach, but if abstract hip-hop and electronic fidgeting are to cross paths, there is no weirder – or better – place for such a throwdown.