Review - When the Sun's Gone Down

Artist: Langhorne Slim


Langhorne Slim is a little bit country, a little bit rock & roll and a whole lot of spazzy, storytelling freak-out. At first blush, this collection of 15 songs swings pretty close to a now-familiar indie-coustic romp, but Slim is possessed of both an off-kilter voice and an unabashed intensity that combine to make a thoroughly unique sound. The instrumentation – an acoustic guitar getting thrashed around while banjos, harmonicas, lap steels and keyboards fight for position – crackles with organic energy, and Slim always sounds as if he's just about to jump out of his chair to get his point across to both his band and the listener that what he's singing about is worth paying attention to. Even better, he's often right, as his weird and wistful lyrics are as raw as they are thoughtful.