Review - Our Thickness

Artist: The Russian Futurists


The Russian Futurists aren't some team of bearded astronauts in big furry hats; it's only one bearded man named Matthew Adam Hart, and he's from Canada. In the time since 2003's Let's Get Ready to Crumble, it seems that Hart has been devising ways to follow every vocal note with melodic accompaniment. The bedroom-recorded Our Thickness bursts with classic AM-radio sensibility, and Hart's complex witticisms are embellished by brass, organs and loads of vocals over dense, electronically generated beats. Album closer "Two Dots on a Map" could easily pass for a good Air Supply song, if there were such a thing. Hart's multiple layers of lush orchestration and crowded harmonies on the chorus couldn't sound further from a humble self-recording here, and the sugary sitcom-esque string arrangement teeters on after-school special cheese, but it keeps a nice comfortable distance from excessiveness; it's pick-me-up stuff that never slows down.