Review - A Side Win: Singles 1992-2005

Artist: Sloan


Commercial radio is even worse than I thought. How is it that an amazing band can make top-notch singles for 13 years and never really have a hit? This 16-track collection is a nonstop barrage of power-pop hooks, clever lyrics and radio-friendly production, but despite a rabid and not insubstantial fan base, this Canadian group is virtually unknown on U.S. airwaves. Which, if you haven't figured it out yet, is a complete crime. Why Sloan is considered "alternative" is beyond me, when their only commercial mistake has been to make well-crafted and madly infectious guitar-pop that anyone can sing along to. In a perfect world, "Underwhelmed" or "Losing California" or "Everything You've Done Wrong" would be the songs that legions of teenagers are losing their virginity to, rather than being date-raped to a Limp Bizkit song. Alas, this world is not yet perfect.