Live in USA

Live in USA
Label: Tofu Records DVD
Rated: NONE
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For almost 15 years, this arena-rock band has been one of the 800-pound gorillas of the Japanese music scene, selling out huge venues across the country. Ever heard of 'em? Unless you're an anime fan or some unreconstructed Nipponophile, probably not. Which is unfortunate, because they're one of very few bands (from any country) that have enough raw energy to make their high-gloss pop-rock not only palatable, but downright delicious. This DVD chronicles the band's performance at a 2004 anime convention, and no, not in a conference room; there were enough devotees to warrant a show in Baltimore's 1st Mariner Arena. It's hard to tell if those screaming fans (Japanese and gaijin alike) are going nuts over the music or, in the case of the girls at least, losing their minds because L'Arc-en-Ciel is a fashionable group of hot guys strutting and preening and rocking like there's no tomorrow. This is a great, fun show by a band you're unlikely to ever see on these shores again.