Orange Canyon Mind

Orange Canyon Mind
Label: Crucial Blast
Rated: NONE
WorkNameSort: Orange Canyon Mind

Heavy metal has lost its fucking mind. This new album from Skullflower is all churning, swirling psychedelia; overdriven guitars, squalling noise, brutally muffled percussion. It's riffs on top of drones on top of collapsing buildings. But that's no surprise, since Skullflower's been at this game for almost 20 years. What is surprising is that music such as this – which was once consigned to the avant-noise bins with the likes of Borbetomagus and Merzbow – is now being claimed by metalheads as the next wave, thanks to inroads made by a raft of doomy, heavy and super-weird bands. But Skullflower isn't doomy and they're not all that heavy; they're just super-weird, which leads me to wonder if there may be a Keiji Haino/Loudness collaboration coming down the pike. After all, if this is what passes for metal these days, then the genre has certainly grown out of its codpiece and spandex.