Slow Globes

Slow Globes
Label: Troubleman Unlimited
Rated: NONE
WorkNameSort: Slow Globes

You would be forgiven for mistakenly ascribing Mouthus Finnish citizenship, based on the free-folk fog present on Slow Globes. Though they roll like the Finns in Avarus, Mouthus (actually from Brooklyn) has boiled that Scandinavian collective's sound down to indistinct percussion, indifferently-tuned guitars and haunted, almost-wordless moans that sound as ancient as Stonehenge.

Mouthus stretch this sound out to better facilitate the victim's unconscious surrender to, say, the spare, stark near-noodle-doodle "Scatterings" or the lumbering, sputtering hangover that is "This Is My Snow." On "Storms," guitarist Brian Sullivan's ring of flanged clangs cranks up the song's pace gradually, a cache of rasped gleams amidst a scuzzed, polyfaceted drone so involved and fertile one could easily build an ashram on it – and plant crops in it if so inclined.