Destination Unknown

Destination Unknown
Label: Ronboy Rhymes
Rated: NONE
WorkNameSort: Destination Unknown

Every Ron Sexsmith album has its share of perfectly sculpted ballads and eloquent midtempo rockers. The Canadian troubadour knows how to wring pathos from yesterday until the tiniest moments resonate. Here, he's joined by the drummer in his touring band, Don Kerr, who adds harmonies, guitars, overdubbed drums, anything he can to sweeten the approach. Yet all eventually falls to the songs themselves. And Sexsmith shows no signs of slowing down. The 13 tunes are all fairly similar, yet each stands as a thoughtful, well-crafted tune to contemplate. "Diana Sweets" throws him back to childhood summers and an unrequited crush; "Lemonade Stand" reflects on childhood innocence; and "Chasing Forever" admits Sexsmith's own lofty ambitions to write songs meant to stand the test of time.