Label: K
Rated: NONE
WorkNameSort: 2012

If Old Time Relijun frontman Arrington de Dionyso had his own revival tent, it'd be a ghastly thing to behold: all untanned, bloody animal hides, a hardscrabble pulpit and feral-eyed congregants. De Dionyso brings a fevered, missionary zeal to whatever he chooses to rant about (secular and decidedly nonsecular), running ill-tuned guitar grooves into the ground and against chalkboards until you're convinced you're bleeding; he's that evidently possessed, that frickin' scary. Usually, anyway. 2012 is suspiciously tame; de Dionyso scales back on his trademark histrionic grit, seemingly to devote windpower to the most bent-pipe cleaner sax-blat he's ever seen fit to unleash on record. Old Time Relijun's proto-rock racket loses its edge in the process, and for the first time, actually sounds less fearsome than Wolf Eyes.