Helicopter Hearts

Helicopter Hearts
Label: Orac
Rated: NONE
WorkNameSort: Helicopter Hearts

An earful of Helicopter Hearts holds mostly personal listening and may leave shivering and uncaged anxiety in its wake. Under the Apendics Shuffle alias, Kenneth Gibson's clicks, coded vocal bursts and bubbling synth buzzes find a home over minimal techno beats. While it's far from the all-out sonic massacre that Gibson fashioned this year with his Eight Frozen Modules project, he emphasizes jarring atmospherics on Helicopter, too. The near-creepy midway point, "Saw Saw Soup," plays like Matthew Dear, with subtle beats and jumpy electronic blips in the foreground, as if things within the frame of the piece are slowly fracturing and then disintegrating. All the shuddering and the subhuman temperatures that these tracks flourish on may drive guests out of the room, but who really needs them? Helicopter Hearts is far from pleasantly digestible minimal techno; it's ready for liquor and headphone consumption.