Prarie Wind

Prarie Wind
Label: Reprise
Rated: NONE
WorkNameSort: Prarie Wind

As an album of quietly powerful songs about life and lost dreams, Prarie Wind encapsulates Young's music in all its ragged glory … save the screeching guitar licks. "The Painter" defines the mood, with Young singing of the "long road" over steel guitar, organ and a rolling beat. Conversely, "No Wonder" contrasts "amber waves of grain" with a blunt message of political greed. But "Far From Home" and "It's a Dream" return to the themes of reflection and calm. Undeniably, the title track is a warning, though, the chanting chorus, "Prairie wind blowing through my head," propelling an ominous lyric with Young's spooky vocals. Darkness fades again with "This Old Guitar," a song as soft and serene as the moccasins Young wore on the cover of Harvest.