The Land We All Believe In

The Land We All Believe In
Label: North East Indie
Rated: NONE
WorkNameSort: Land We All Believe In, The

From its title down to the lyric sheet, The Land We All Believe In is a political album. Yet the determined, easygoing eccentricity of septet Cerberus Shoal places this curio squarely outside of the protest-rock crop grown in recent times. Fact is, with Erin Davidson and Colleen Kinsella doling out Dubya-bait in coolly saccharine tandem and Chriss Sutherland hoarsely inventing a language whose only discernible phrase is "holy roller" ("Wyrm"), Land could be about anything. Their nomadic songcraft engrosses: "The Ghosts Are Greedy" phases seamlessly from accordion warm-ups to a Cryptkeeper-ish interlude buffeted by spine-tingling organs and shivering guitars, while "Junior" is a banjos-'n'-xylophones-sloshed pep talk from Bush I to our present Commander-in-Chief.