Return the Gift

Return the Gift
Label: V2
Rated: NONE
WorkNameSort: Return the Gift

What the hell is this? Gang of Four gets name-checked by every flavor-of-the-minute from Franz Ferdinand to Bloc Party, so they decide to "reunite." Said "reunion" leads to a batch of well-received live shows and ' what's this? ' a new album. Great. Except not really. Return the Gift is a collection of 14 re-recorded tracks from GO4's first three albums, all tweaked up to sound â?¦ like Franz Ferdinand and Bloc Party. Apparently forgetful that the energy and beauty of a song like "Natural's Not in It" stemmed mostly from a temporal socialist rage, Andy Gill now proclaims that great albums like Entertainment! and Solid Gold "sounded wrong." No, Andy, '90s crap like Mall and Shrinkwrapped sounded wrong; those first three albums sounded great. But in order to cash in on your newfound relevance, you've decided to transform "I Love a Man in Uniform" into the very thing it was mocking. How very revolutionary of you.