Explains Freedom

Explains Freedom
Label: City Centre Offices
Rated: NONE
WorkNameSort: Explains Freedom

This full-length debut from Swedish ambientologist Henrik Jonsson is perplexing for a number of reasons. First, it's not a doom-metal record or a stoner-rock record, both of which might easily be assumed from the nom de guerre Jonsson chose for this project. Second, it's an album that manages to be sonically deep and complex without being the slightest bit serious. Harold Budd gets name-checked in reference to PST, but, trust me, Explains Freedom sounds more like Tangerine Dream on nitrous than the lustrous ambient-piano work Budd is known for. Jonsson's keyboard style is often goofy (check out the circus-sounds of "Freedom Commercial" or the arrhythmic tempo he employs on "Praying With Benny") and his overall conceptual mode is more experimental than elegant. ("Carl Zeiss Driving to Work" is like a mini-"Autobahn.") Though he's playful in spirit, Jonsson has not created an insubstantial disc; it's just that he hasn't weighed it down with unnecessary philosophical baggage.