Label: DiCristina
Rated: NONE
WorkNameSort: Lookaftering

Although it's been 35 years since Vashti Bunyan last recorded an album, it doesn't sound as if a day has passed between that first disc (Just Another Diamond Day) and the new Lookaftering. While that consistency could be attributed the spare, folksy approach she takes to her songs, in truth it's because Vashti Bunyan is not the type of artist to be swayed by progress. We're talking about a woman who's spent most of her adult life living a rather Middle-Earth existence in the Outer Hebrides. That rustic, fairy-magic personality is in full force on Lookaftering, a disc that continues to mine the angelic folksiness of Diamond Day. Though Bunyan's recent collaborations with Animal Collective, Piano Magic and Devendra Banhart have done much to improve those contemporary artists' albums, the input here from Banhart, Adam Pierce (Mice Parade) and others does little to alter (or modernize) Bunyan's truly unique sound. Sometimes, no progress is a good thing.