Another World Is Possible

Another World Is Possible
Label: Uncivilized World
Rated: NONE
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The delicious irony of this wonderful compilation of anti-globalism music and texts is that, without the acceleration of globalization over the past decade, the very logistics of uniting artists and writers from first- and third-world countries would have been nearly insurmountable. Globalism, in effect, has made anti-globalism possible, and not just by giving people something to complain about. Of course, holistic, "one world" notions are not the sort of thing these artists are against. Rather, we find Femi Kuti, Asian Dub Foundation, Grandaddy, Manu Chao and other musicians attempting to raise awareness that there's a human factor to "low, low prices." Of course, the written screeds from usual suspects such as Noam Chomsky and Subcomandante Marcos do a good job of spelling it all out, but when Emir Kusturica busts into a rollicking gypsy swing version of "Lost in the Supermarket," it all makes much more sense.