Studio: Universal Pictures
Rated: PG-13
Release Date: 2005-11-04
Cast: Meryl Streep, Uma Thurman, Bryan Greenberg, Jon Abrahams, Jerry Adler
Director: Ben Younger
Screenwriter: Ben Younger
Music Score: Ryan Shore
WorkNameSort: Prime
Our Rating: 3.50

Don't be fooled by the poster and gimmicky premise, which tend to lump this movie in with any number of high-concept, fluffy romantic comedies. Prime – in which a 37-year-old-divorcée (Uma Thurman) begins a relationship with the 23-year-old son of her unsuspecting, uptight psychiatrist (Meryl Streep) – is a surprisingly wise, mature and difficult look at psychiatric ethics and the inherent problems of dating outside one's age bracket. Writer/director Ben Younger's script is understated and uncompromising, though it has its share of flaws – namely the uneven use of grainy flashbacks and an obnoxious sidekick (Jon Abrahams) whose tiresome appearances are forced attempts at broad slapstick. Younger has clearly studied Woody Allen's oeuvre, and while his aesthetic is less singular than Allen's, it's also less pretentious. Prime ultimately feels like a humble indie that somehow managed to score Streep, Thurman, a bigger budget than it needed and (hopefully) a larger audience than it ever would have had.