Label: Geffen
Rated: NONE
WorkNameSort: Flo'Ology

Though the third album from Grammy-nominated London duo Floetry is smack full of big-time producers and artists like Common and Raphael Saddiq, Flo'Ology is the undiluted message of Marsha Ambrosius and Natalie Stewart. Hip-hop is largely a producer's game, the artist often adding a calculated rap to lay claim to a song's hit status. But Floetry's vocal style and vision is so powerful it consigns everyone else involved to second-tier status. Common sounds like he phoned it on the Scott Storch-produced "Supastar"; elsewhere, Floetry's smooth vocals (and majestic background harmonies) move the production like greased magic. Dealing exclusively with affairs of the heart, songs like "Let Me In," "Closer" and "Lay Down" are like afternoon delights, offering escape in a world of trouble and strife. Flo'Olgy is old school and loving it, a record even Barry White and Gladys Knight would love.