Gilles Peterson Presents the BBC Sessions

Gilles Peterson Presents the BBC Sessions
Label: Ether
Rated: NONE
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Groundbreaking London DJ Gilles Peterson's BBC Radio 1 show, aptly titled Worldwide, broadcasts live sessions from artists of all genres. This 2-CD set is a worthwhile mix of these sessions, as each performance traditionally sees the light of day only once (maybe twice if it's rerun). After Pharrell Williams' oft-documented inability to sing but a note falls into place, a pivotal moment follows on the first disc, when the last sullen seconds of Beck's weary falsetto on Sea Change's "Round the Bend" are countered by the hypnotic human percussion laid down by Rahzel for Bjork's soaring "Who Is It." Cody Chestnut's acoustic rendition of "The Seed" arguably ups the popular recorded version with churchy momentum and a graceful, whirling vocal on the second half, while the busy antics of legendary jazz drummer Steve Reid matches Four Tet's playful electronic methodology in a messy, perfect closer.