The Budos Band

The Budos Band
Label: Daptone Records
Rated: NONE
WorkNameSort: Budos Band, The

From the vintage-looking, low-budget album art to the vintage-sounding, low-budget grooves within, the modus operandi at Daptone has always been to evoke the thrill of finding ancient, obscure funk, without the messy waiting-around-for-30-years that the real thing requires. No, Daptone specializes in modern groups from in and around New York City who clearly have no albums in their collections pressed after 1974. The Budos Band, like Antibalas before them, represent the Afro-funk region of the Daptone empire. Yet while Antibalas owes 95 percent of its sound to Fela Kuti, Budos goes for a much less hard-driving approach, evoking the sound of the re-transplanted soul music that took root throughout Africa in the '70s. Straight-up instrumentals anchored by groove-minded backbeats and driven by bleating funk horns, this is Afro-soul party music through and through. Just don't go thinking you've stumbled on some artifact; Budos is alive and well.