Go Commando

Go Commando
Label: Defend Music
Rated: NONE
WorkNameSort: Go Commando

James F!@#$%^ Friedman's varied spread is striking enough to please overnight soiree guests, even those who normally end up vomiting on the front lawn. Including some of the acts that have graced Friedman's well-known DJ residencies at New York City's APT and Tribeca Grand Hotel, the Go Commando mix heads straight for the goods. After only a few minutes of the stuttering Rapture/HushHush cut-up of Annie's "Me Plus One," Friedman's got himself entrenched in the synthed-out, sexual pulses of Franz & Shape's "This Is the Way (dub)." DJ T's colorful, misshapen techno unfortunately peers in on the questionable inclusion of Black Strobe's remix of Bloc Party's "Like Eating Glass," though. Its flat disco rhythm pulls all energy from this cut, ultimately slowing Okereke's spirited vocal to a sluggish crawl. Staring out from the mix's center, it's a glaring error akin to leaving your son with a priest for the night.