Label: Waxploitation/Koch
Rated: NONE
WorkNameSort: Firewater

There are two sides to West Coast rap trio Tha Alkaholiks: party-jam maestros and widely respected veterans. The group itself has only acknowledged the former throughout their careers, but the indulgent, ethanol-drenched subgenres out of Atlanta and Houston can trace their very existence to the groundwork laid down by the 'Holiks. Maybe it was the two-year delay of this final album, but the hip-hop drunkies seem suddenly aware of their own place in history. Tracks like the growling "Handle It," "Chaos" (which swipes its crashing percussion from a certain Beyoncé beat) and the sonically intimidating "Drink Wit Us" highlight a more flow-focused Tash and his partner J-Ro, who emerges so suddenly as the standout he seems to be auditioning for a solo effort. The miscreants we have known and loved for a decade now are still very much present on this last bow, but perspective is a powerful muse; here, the benefit of hindisght adds substance to these lovable substance abusers.