From a Compound Eye

From a Compound Eye
Label: Merge
Rated: NONE
WorkNameSort: From a Compound Eye

If you're a fan, you know what to expect. If not, this isn't the place to start. But to restate the oft-restated: For 21 years Bob Pollard led Guided by Voices, breaking up the group in 2004 with a big announcement and final tour. He'd been the group's only constant member, so the actual dissolution was mostly for hype purposes. Aesthetically, his first solo album since the breakup (a double album released as a single 26-track CD) isn't any different from what he's been doing for the past 21 years. He adheres to what he calls the four P's: punk, psych, prog and pop, and he puts his ideas down quickly, meaning much of what he does isn't quite complete. There are always a few great hummable moments ("U.S. Mustard Company," "Kick Me & Cancel") and he's never less than amiable and unpretentious, but this isn't the great recharge he's in need of.