Label: Stones Throw
Rated: NONE
WorkNameSort: Donuts

For his extensive history of creative contributions and collaborations – the long list most recently includes some production work on Common's Be – Detroit beat maestro/MC J Dilla owns a rock-solid reputation in the game. On Donuts, his love for the buttery "late night soul" radio format materializes in many dizzying loop-laden instrumentals. The beat tape-turned-album occasionally stops for brief-but-digestible jams, but it's not for the easily distracted. Dilla is all over the place, answering the lethargic, sultry moans of "Time: The Donuts of the Heart" with meditative guitar snippets and some scatterbrained Wolfman Jack samples in "Anti-American Graffitti." The short attention span that populates Donuts makes its mark very early in the glitchy mini-score of "Waves." From there, Dilla follows no particular thread; it's as if he's 10 years old, running in and out of the room with more records to put on and take off the turntable. But his exploration is as provocative to listen to as it is to imagine it being sewn together.