Occupation: Dreamland

Occupation: Dreamland
Studio: Rumur Releasing
Rated: NONE
Website: http://www.occupationdreamland.com/
Release Date: 2006-02-03
Cast: Chris Corcione, Eric Forbes, Matt Bacik, Thomas Turner, John Blyler
Director: Garrett Scott, Ian Olds
WorkNameSort: Occupation: Dreamland
Our Rating: 3.50

Forget that it's, like, the 1,264th documentary about the Iraq situation and you'll thank yourself at the end of Occupation: Dreamland. Watchable to an extent that defies its familiarity, the film visits the members of the 82nd Airborne who were charged with patrolling Fallujah in the aftermath of a mission that remained far from accomplished. The look is night-vision green and the soundtrack is Slayer as we accompany the men on their rounds, then chill out in their quarters for some candid talk about the state of Middle East democratization. More sympathetic and interesting than the stars of Gunner Palace, these fellas are both a microcosm of society and individuals in their own right: There are hawkish and reluctant viewpoints, Republican and Democratic – sometimes coexisting within the same reality-battered psyche. While the foreign-policy outlook that emerges is predictably bleak, there's reassurance in the subtextual message that people themselves are enduringly unpredictable.